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Did you know you can save 20% on your Google Ad Cost?

Ad Boost = 20% less ad cost = 20% more visibility = 20% more sales

In 2017 Google opened up their shopping ad system to other product search engines (so-called CSS)  who can since place ads on retailers’ behalf. As a certified CSS partner our cost-per-click is 20% lower than a regular ad account. As our partner you can take advantage of this deal and save 20% on your Google Shopping Ad costs simply by connecting with our Merchant Center.

Simply said: A bid of 0.80€ with yafinder is as effective as a 1.00€ bid on a regular Google Shopping campaign. That means your budget works harder in ad auctions, making your ads more competitive. You’ll likely see more ad views, more clicks, and potentially, more sales for your online shop.

How to get started with Ad Boost? 3 Simple Steps


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All we need is your Email and your Merchant Center ID. The first month is free, after that it’s only 24€ per month. Fully transparent. No hidden cost. Cancel anytime.


Connect Merchant Center or Create New

We send a connection request to your Merchant Center. Your Merchant Center and campaigns will remain exactly the same. It is simply connected to our CSS Account.


Approve Connection Request

In your Mails or Merchant Center click on “Approve” and you’re done. You can now fully take advantage of 20% decreased cost-per-click prices.


Please find the most common questions and answers.

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A Google CSS Partner is a Comparison Shopping Service that collaborates with Google to place product ads. By partnering with a CSS, you benefit from more competitive ad placement costs. Our partnership with Google allows us to offer these services at a reduced rate compared to standard Google Shopping campaigns.
As a certified Google CSS Partner, we receive a 20% discount on the cost-per-click in Google Shopping ads. When you switch your Merchant Center to our CSS, this discount is passed directly to you. Essentially, your ads will have the same visibility and effectiveness, but at a lower cost, maximizing your ad budget.
The 20% CPC discount works by reducing the amount you are charged for each click in your Google Shopping campaigns. This discount is automatically applied as a result of our partnership with Google as a CSS provider. So for every click that would normally cost 1.00€, you will only be charged 0.80€, effectively stretching your ad budget further.
Performance Max campaigns are also eligible for the CPC discount when you switch to our CSS. Your Performance Max campaigns will continue to run as usual, but with the added advantage of the reduced cost-per-click, making your advertising budget more efficient.
Yes, you can transfer an existing Merchant Center account to Yafinder CSS. The process involves sending a request from our CSS to your Merchant Center. Once you approve this request, your account will be linked to our CSS, and you can start enjoying the benefits of the partnership, including the CPC discount.
The 20% CPC (Cost-Per-Click) discount will be visible in your Google Ads account. You'll notice that the amount you're charged per click will be lower than what you were paying before the switch to our CSS. This reduction reflects the discount. You can compare the cost-per-click rates before and after joining our CSS to see the difference.
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The competent advice and help with technical problems distinguishes yatego. The connection of the platform to our own programs is uncomplicated. Yatego has offered us an e-commerce store at fair prices for many years.
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yatego has accompanied us for many years as a reliable and important partner in e-commerce. Here, a growing revenue is guaranteed, which is largely due to the constant further development of the sales platform.
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Carparts-Online, yatego seller since 2006

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